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elliott ridgway
software project portfolio

about me

  • professional software developer since 2012, & hobbyist programmer since 2004

  • primary languages: java, c++, python, c#, javascript

  • current interests: ai art, video game design

  • graduated magna cum laude from the university of tulsa, bs in computer science, class of 2012

  • worked at cerner corporation: 2012-2015

  • working at sandia national labs: 2015-20??


explore and predict with confidence
(contrary to popular belief, its gui is quite good)
years: 2015-2023
languages: java, javascript, c++, python
see also: main dakota website

the dakota examples repository
years: 2018-2023
languages: dakota, python

java library for capturing timeseries data and plotting it
years: 2018-2023
languages: java, javascript

the three-player war game in which you play as the leader of a country and win through the development of key, national-strategic capabilities
years: 2022
languages: c#

custom slideshow software commissioned by a local sandwich shoppe
years: 2014
languages: c++

final project for evolutionary computation class
years: 2011
languages: java